Nuevo World Order in Español Session 2

Another episode was captured Sunday, December 5th. Exclusively titled “What Happens in Buffalo Wild Wings, stays in Buffalo Wild Wings”.  The inquisitive Flaco was a special guest for that night. Topics touched were La Quincianera de Rubi, the elections and the bigly question of the night: Is Tacos el Gordo overrated?



¡Hasta Siempre Comandante!

fidel-castro-1-1480152108The death of Fidel Castro, for me, is a passing of an era. This familiar generation that my grandparents are from, which is the pre-digital age era. I have been thinking of my grandparents lately, for the films I show in class, are full of cultural actions that are not with us anymore. Yes, drinking and smoking are with us here today, but it is not widely accepted, we forget there is media always controlling how you must use your body. For example, in The 400 Blows, by Truffaut, there is a scene where the step-father hits Antoine. Slaps him on the face. The same in the Bicycle Thieves. Discipline by parents, and in the school class room. My students pointed that it is different now. If that happened it would have been in social media, where the whole world would have known. I added that the cops would have been called and possibly the child pressing charges. Also, I was paddled for bad behavior in high school.



Nuevo World Order in Español Podcast Session 1

On Sunday, November 5th, some good homies and I got together to grill and capture a conversation.  Chanclas and Gil Lopez are I guess part of the NWO in Español.  A name I give credit to Gil in all his crazy randomness. This was something we’ve been joking for a long time. It got to the point that it was never going to happen, or so they thought. Yet the day came. The day was cloudy and a bit windy. Chanclas left Gil and I to tend to the brisket for a while as he took off to run some errands. We kept a good eye on it. At times it went under the temperature and at times it went over. But we managed well.  It went well and the brisket came out pretty nice.



November 2016

Time goes fast. The day job is a dissapating. I’ll have more of that later. Though I am now in large lecture classes, that is really saving my collective agency. I think without the teaching gig, I’d be in some bar somewhere going down some spiral of doom.  It is making me discover some works I have forgotten and admired in my past. I just hope the students are enjoying it as much as I am.

There is no time. I feel that time jut rushes past. Now it’s already December and the end of the year with several deadlines. I hope I can make them. Sometimes it does feel overwhelming.

Anyway, hopefully I can get some creative things going. We’ll see.


New News

Yeah, there’s something finally I’m writing here. The day gig is about to close. Well, I’ve been saying that to close friends for the longest time but the end is near for it. It’s been a good run. Glad I still have the classes to keep me afloat for a while. Plan to do somethings. It’s not writing. It’s not a lot of brain work and research like the essays and other things I do. So it might be fun. I’ve been planning this for a long time. Maybe I’ll start with several things at first but hopefully it’ll get going soon.

I just hope it doesn’t fall way down in that gap where many of those creative projects have fallen.

I’m enjoying the Intro to Film class I am teaching. I am diving into the media and learning things. Even from the students. They offer me new ideas and thoughts about the works we show that I haven’t even thought of. One of the things I really enjoy about teaching.

Anyway, it’s going well. Other than that, need to work on that application to programs. We’ll see.



Summer 2016

It is summer and been busy with a presentation coming up. Nothing much as trying to balance both the academic writing and the more creative side as well.  Lack of time makes it difficult.  I am almost to the point of applying and hopefully, I’ll be somewhere else next year. But we will see.

The recent events in the world has had me thinking of the true problematic. I have been studying, the idea of colonization but still within the world of a continuing colonization.  It is not Mignolo’s idea of de-colonization but the reasons why there is still much problems in the world.  Add neoliberalism to the mix, it can be a huge problem.  In my summer class, I began with some films that deal with colonization.  From there, it should embed some formative cognition about the roots for the problems today.  Hopefully I can get it through to the students.

It’s Saturday. Going to look over my paper. Get back and swim. Hopefully my little niece is there. BBQ and have a few cold ones. Relax. There is a lot of work left to do.


University of Oregon Trip

IMG_1321Last month I visited  the University of Oregon. I arranged a visit to  the PhD Media Studies program. It was a good trip and met some great people there. The program felt very good as well as the campus. There is a serene feeling just walking through campuses, I don’t know why, it may be different with others, but for me, I really love the feeling. It was my birthday, so it was all a good day for me.





IMG_1196It went well. There is as always some feeling of anxiety, but in the end, it goes well. Like any performance I guess. Now to think of the next one. Which reminds me. I have to turn in a proposal this weekend. The conference  is still not over.  Got another day and there is still a lot of work to do. But for now, it is over. Now for a cold chela.


Again in ABQ

IMG_1194So far, the SWPACA for this year has been good.  For some reason, it may be the altitude, or the few brews I had when first arriving, I had a small headache the other day. May have been the brew… anyway, looking forward to a productive day and good presentation tomorrow.


Another Semester to Begin

The semester is about to begin for me. At my day job (that’s all what I will write about my day job as of now) we were talking how easily we could detach from innovation, culture and technology.  I realized again, how important it is to be in constant action with youth, that is, how lucky I am to be at least teaching a class.  In my experience, teaching, is at least contact with new ideas and new visions.  Away from the classroom, I feel enclosed and lost. It is a grounding for me. I am around people, new people with new dreams and most of all, again, ideas.

There are people I know who are behind the ever coming changes.  These, who I will not name for now, are backtracking in their own ideology. Stuck in a nebulous of archaic ideas and working at a snail’s pace and in the end, become only obstacles with their disdain for anything fresh. Remember what Dmytryk said, “The fresh is preferable to the stale.”

Oh yes it is. Anyway, excited again another semester for the privilege of teaching these kids.

IMG_1117Taking about kids. I’d like to wish my little niece, Kira Maria, a happy fifth b-day. Just turned older another year this past week. Kira, Titi loves you.



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