Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Ricardo Reyna Jr. has resided in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1990.  Attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he received a BA in Film in 1997.  After a long, lost weekend, Ricardo came back to get an MFA in Screenwriting at UNLV. Currently working toward getting into a PhD program and of course, blogging. Ricardo’s  research has centered on Latina/os in media, specifically focusing on privilege, institutional racism, gender and sexuality in popular and sports culture.

Ricardo is fan of the beautiful game: football, fútbol or soccer.  His favorite team are FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Monterry, Boca Juniors and any other team opposing Manchester United or Real Madrid. His top favorite films (in random order) are Seven Samurai, Raging Bull, Pixote, In the Mood for Love and Hable con Ella (Talk to Her). Favorite tv shows:  Battlestar Gallactica (The Re-Imagined series), Lost, The Larry Sanders Show, The Shield, The Sopranos and Firefly.

He is currently an instructor in the Film Department at UNLV.

¡Visca Barça!

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