One Man Show Posters 1995 & 2000

The one man show “No More Tequila Please” I did back in 2000 for the LYLC, and was also project with a couple of other friends.  One thing I remember of this was that it was a large crowd; which included the youth conference that was bused there.  No video was shot then. Which I wish I did. One thing I am going to focus with the new batch of monologues; hopefully I can lock them down on video.  There were about six to eight monologues, no mariachis.  One year I did have mariachis, I’ve done so many of them the first part of this decade I can’t remember when there were mariachis in a show. But one year I had mariachis come out at the end of one piece. Maybe I’ll bring that back; though I’ll have to pay the mariachis some how.

I was a young pup then. “Arrest Him! He’s Speaking Spanish!” was in 1995.  There is a video of this performance. I think a high school buddy of mine has a VHS copy of it. How he got it, I have no idea, but I think gave it to him a long time ago when  I was still visiting Texas.  I have an old hi-8 cassette. I have to figure out of a way to transfer it. But it is really not a big concern right now.

One thing I remembered was one of my friends telling me a woman walked out of the performance telling I was too left wing and radical.  With the title of the collection of monologues, what do you expect?  It was a good collection, reflective of the Proposition 181 in California.  Funny how the same times are mirroring Latinos/as right now.

One character that has been coming back from that first performance has been the barrio poet, whose name I gave Beto Aguilar. In a script I wrote entitled “Paletas y Poecia”, he comes out but I think I named him Saul Ramirez. I don’t know, but the same character really identifies with the audience, especially when he does the “Taco Bell” one.   Well, it’s been a while…. need to get to work.

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