On Sunday, November 5th, some good homies and I got together to grill and capture a conversation.  Chanclas and Gil Lopez are I guess part of the NWO in Español.  A name I give credit to Gil in all his crazy randomness. This was something we’ve been joking for a long time. It got to the point that it was never going to happen, or so they thought. Yet the day came. The day was cloudy and a bit windy. Chanclas left Gil and I to tend to the brisket for a while as he took off to run some errands. We kept a good eye on it. At times it went under the temperature and at times it went over. But we managed well.  It went well and the brisket came out pretty nice.

img_1990 img_1991

That was my point-of-view for the afternoon.  Chanclas’ pad is pretty nice. The smoker was off to the left as you see. Over in the back were the pomegranate tree we talk about. Don’t know if we got to his plans for the house. I guess we’ll cover it later on.  Overall it was chill and the conversation went well.  I noticed through the hour I begin to slur toward the end.  That was the amount of alcohol I was consuming throughout the afternoon was affecting me.  All three of us had fun and hope to do it soon. Since there were some topics we want to cover or forgot to talk about.  Oh and it is NSFW. We said a few madres. Lol.

Anyway, here are some pics of the brisket. It came out pretty good.





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