Summer 2016

It is summer and been busy with a presentation coming up. Nothing much as trying to balance both the academic writing and the more creative side as well.  Lack of time makes it difficult.  I am almost to the point of applying and hopefully, I’ll be somewhere else next year. But we will see.

The recent events in the world has had me thinking of the true problematic. I have been studying, the idea of colonization but still within the world of a continuing colonization.  It is not Mignolo’s idea of de-colonization but the reasons why there is still much problems in the world.  Add neoliberalism to the mix, it can be a huge problem.  In my summer class, I began with some films that deal with colonization.  From there, it should embed some formative cognition about the roots for the problems today.  Hopefully I can get it through to the students.

It’s Saturday. Going to look over my paper. Get back and swim. Hopefully my little niece is there. BBQ and have a few cold ones. Relax. There is a lot of work left to do.

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