Another Semester to Begin

The semester is about to begin for me. At my day job (that’s all what I will write about my day job as of now) we were talking how easily we could detach from innovation, culture and technology.  I realized again, how important it is to be in constant action with youth, that is, how lucky I am to be at least teaching a class.  In my experience, teaching, is at least contact with new ideas and new visions.  Away from the classroom, I feel enclosed and lost. It is a grounding for me. I am around people, new people with new dreams and most of all, again, ideas.

There are people I know who are behind the ever coming changes.  These, who I will not name for now, are backtracking in their own ideology. Stuck in a nebulous of archaic ideas and working at a snail’s pace and in the end, become only obstacles with their disdain for anything fresh. Remember what Dmytryk said, “The fresh is preferable to the stale.”

Oh yes it is. Anyway, excited again another semester for the privilege of teaching these kids.

IMG_1117Taking about kids. I’d like to wish my little niece, Kira Maria, a happy fifth b-day. Just turned older another year this past week. Kira, Titi loves you.



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