On my Iphone I have this app in front of me, an app that a student of mine recommended. It is a flash card program that I am at this moment, trying to avoid. For the past two months, I have been living much of my hours studying for the GRE. I singed up for that Kaplan Test Prep course, which in all, was a life-saver. I hope I can make it all worth the trouble and expense.

Now, it is upon me. This week… as of now I really do not care how I do, as I glance down at the word “Pejorative” on my phone. I have no idea, I know it has bad connotations, in fact, it is ‘having bad connotations.’. ­čśë

I’m having pejorative thoughts about this process. I quit my part-time gig I had to concentrate on the Kaplan course (which I should soon write about), my life has been out-of-whack and I just realized how far I have been away from blogging. I hope I can get back on track soon hopefully after this week.

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